Monday, April 27, 2009


So I was getting ready to take Rhegan and Austin to a birthday party at the park yesterday. I was getting dressed and quite naturally looking in the mirror - to make sure my baby flab wasn't hanging out TOO much. And here comes Rhegan into my room.
Rhegan: "Mommy, your getting FAT"
Me: ::dumbfounded at her remark:: "Fat??!!! You think i'm getting fat?"
Rhegan: "Yep, you Fat mommy"
So I procede to do the sob story of asking her why she said that. Which I shouldn't have done.
And she told me "Mommy you eat, and then you get fat. It's ok mommy"
She is so funny.
I used to be able to tell her "oh we'll go outside after we clean. OR We'll go do whatever AFTER we finish this or that. And then by the time "later" came - she would forget about doing whatever she wanted to do. NOT ANY MORE.
Saturday I told her we would go outside after we cleaned - while brother was napping. And after that little while had past...she said "mommy - but you promised we could go outside after we cleaned" gaahhhhhh. I wish she could stay little forever!!!!!!
She is also into asking me "mommy where's Austin" (when he is right there) And she thinks it is HILARIOUS for me to say "I don't know where Austin is Rhegan....I can't find him Anywhere"
And she will go on and on with it!!! And then say "he's right there mommy" cutecute.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jasmine Hills

Here is Rhegan at Jasmine Hille Gardens!
I have gone here EVERY year since she has been born.
07 (8 mths)
08 (20 mths)
09 (32 mths)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Time is flying by!!!

Ok, so Rhegan is 2 yrs & 8 mths old.
I can remember just like it was yesterday living in Jacksonville Florida. Just finding out that I was pregnant. And boom - she is almost 3. Now that I look back, I was so Nieve when I was pregnant with her. I had NO idea how my life was about to change. Between moving from J'ville to a rental house, in with my parents, and then two weeks before she was born - into our very own house. It's so crazy how different each pregnancy can be. I craved Cheetos puffs with her. I was extremely sick at the beginning. And only a few times after that - that I can remember at night. I gained a total of 23 pounds with her. I never had any problems at all... and labor was not a problem. She was Due date August 14th. Was induced August 16th. (104 degrees) I went in EARLY that morning....and had her at 3:43 (7lbs 1oz - 19 1/2 inches) RHEGAN ELIZABETH ALLEN She was such a good baby. Never sick. But never fully slept through the night - she would always seem to wake up at least once.
I got pregnant with Baby#2 in April of 08. Nick was sooo excited to find out he was having a little boy!!! The whole time I was pregnant with him - I could never imagine having two!! And on top of that a little boy??!! I was so used to Rhegan I just couldn't imagine anything different.

While I was pregnant with him...I was sick in the beginning - but not near as much as I was with Rhegan. I was sooo picky with foods. I could SMELL something and just know I couldn't eat it!

With him I liked Clementines. haha. I probably bought 100 cases. Then I found out I had Gestational Diabetes. The day I found out , I just started crying - thinking "oh know....what's going to happen now". It was a challenge to stop eating sweets - count carbs - keep a log of what I ate along with sugar checks - check blood sugar 6 times a day (Rhegan would help and also remind me "mama you gotta check your blood suga?") I only gained 14 pounds with him. His due date was January 24th. I was scheduled to be induced on Jan. 19th. However, went into labor by MYSELF (Which if anyone has ever had both happen - going into labor on your own is soo much easier and it happens so much faster!!) on Jan. 16th. I started having contractions that night. And was up ALL night. We finally went to the hospital (14 degrees - yes I am aware that I had them both in extreme temps! haha) at 6:00 am. He was born at 11:31 (6 lbs 1 1/2 oz. 19 1/2 Inch.) AUSTIN NICHOLAS ALLEN. Labor went soo fast with him. Afterwards I had THE WORST headache ever, that lasted a little over a week. And then it just went away.
And of course he was sick. RSV, Ingrown toenail, Rash, clogged eye duct, craddle cap. wheeww.

He does (and has been) sleeping through the night!! 10:20 - 7 or 8 am!!! And he is spoiled ROTTEN. He is definatly a mama's boy - and LOVES to be held!!!

I can say the most challenging thing about having two children, is splitting my time between the two - and giving them both equal attention. It's so hard b/c he requires so much right now. I sometimes feel like I ignore Rhegan. Which she has had her getting used to sessions. And I want so bad to do their baby things all the same. I soo badly need to finish scrapbooking for Rhegan...and start Austin's. And if it wasn't for my parents, I don't know how I would have gotten through those first few weeks. They were great...and kept Rhegan for a week (while we were in the hospital - and a few days after we got home to get situated) And when Austin had RSV - they kept her for about a week. It's been the best thing in the world, and I'm soo blessed to have a healthy girl (that looks JUST like her daddy) and healthy boy (that we think is looking like my side of the family)!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hippity Hoppity Easter's on it's way....

So here is my project i've been working on. Thanks to that gave me the idea. (sorry i copied you!!!) I'm actually pretty happy with them. :) My first sewing project!!

We have been so sleepy lately. Working 40 + hours at our regular jobs, and then picking up the going home and cooking super - leads to cleaning up. Giving two kids a bath. ::sigh:: It's pretty exhausting!! I wish I could stay at home sometimes. It would be so much better!! So I went to my moms on my lunch break to feed the baby. Nick had come by to see them on his lunch break...and this is what I found when I walked in. haha. Guess he feels the same as I do!!

Anyways...back to work. BLAAHHHHHHH

Monday, April 6, 2009

Makeup, Poo-poo diapers, & Yardsales...

So, Rhegan is the classic two year old. Always saying things that should in fact be written down - to be remembered 20 years from now. So that's why I think i'm going to LOVE this blog thingy. I can write endlessly about all the craziness that goes on day in and day out. And it's here to stay forever. She can come years from now and read it all.
Ok, so i'm rambling now, on to the point. Funny conversation #1
Setting - In the mall. Leaving mommy at Zales with Austin. Daddy going to Sears (his fav place).
Rhegan: Daddy
Nick: Yes Rhegan?
Rhegan: We gunna get mommy some make up?
Nick: why do we need to get mommy some make up?
Rhegan: Cause she really needs some make up!!
Wow. I guess it's pretty bad when a two year old thinks you need makeup. haha. What she REALLY wanted was for me to get some so she could tear into it herself!!

So we have been having issues with Mrs. Rhegan coming into our room all hours of the night. To crawl into our bed and lay "catawompas" as nick would say. Kicking me in the face, and punching nick in the stomache.
Convo #2
Nick: Rhegan, come on it's time to go to bed.
Rhegan: Me go to yours bed Daddy
Nick: No Rhegan your going to your bed
Rhegan: It's ok Daddy me go to my bed now, and when you and mommy go to sleep, then me come to your bed. ::grin::

Now does this two year old too smart for her britches or what??

So we had a yardsale this weekend. And some lady was looking for baby clothes. So I so kindly got out Rhegan's 0-9 month rubbermaid and offered her those. Because I really was only saving them until I found out what Austin was going to be. So now that I don't need them...what's the point in them taking up storage space??
So she didn't buy that much...and then a lady came along and was apparently looking for the same thing. And she wipped out half the container. And of course bought most of the cute things. So at the time, I didn't really think about it. Because I made a good bit of money from it. It just hit me afterwards...RHEGAN IS GETTING SO BIG. It's amazing how in Two and a half years she has gone from this spitting up- Poo poo everywhere a BIG girl!! And not to brag.. but she is the smartest 2 year old that i know :) She get's it from me haha. I just felt bad for getting rid of all her clothes. I have already saved out her "handmade" outfits that are "sentimental". And I also need to scrapbook her MANY pictures!!! I'm behind...and have another to start on!! time flies.