Friday, August 28, 2009

My little girl is 3 now....

So Rhegan's 3rd Birthday was almost two weeks ago! We had her a "Luau" party at home. She had a BLAST. And we served Teryaki chicken sandwiches, and hot dogs for the kids. She had a giant water slide. On Sunday (her actual birthday) we took her to eat Mexican, and they completley suprised her and sang to her. HAHA It was priceless!!! Enjoy the pics!!!

My birthday Princess (she started running a fever, so you can tell in this pic she wasn't feeling so hot) Oh, and excuse the bra in the background.

We even had snow cones!! :) And here is J-Bug , he was the griller - and did an AWESOME job!

It's been that long?

So we went to Panama City on 7/19. We had a blast, even though it was a really short trip!
Below are some pictures of the great time we had. Of course you will notice that Nick isn't in any of the pics. His hand was hurting him, so he stayed at home!!

HAHA, we rode the banana boat, excuse the cottage cheese leg of mine i'm forcing you to look at.

This is what Austin slept in on the beach. So sweet!

My little girl!! She is getting so big!!

Look at them rolls!! Just wanted to share some pictures to show our beach trip! I'm looking forward to the end of September when me and Nick get to go on one ALONE. :) It's way overdue!!