Monday, March 15, 2010

February SNOW!

This was Rhegan's 3rd snow experience! She had a blast playing in it! This was the 2nd time it snowed for Austin....but the first time he was able to sit out in it. He wasn't too sure about things...and only lasted about 5 minutes!

So to give a little update on Austin: He has started walking in February! But this week he has started taking about 6-10 steps at a time! He says - Dada, Mama, Paw-paw, Uh-oh, Thank you (Tan-too). He will have tubs put in his ears on Monday (the 22nd). So hopefully he will start feeling better and stop having ear infections!!!
Rhegan should start (if she is accepted) pre-school in June! She is so excited to go to school!! :) She is getting so big it's unreal!!