Friday, October 9, 2009

Poor Mika...

My sweet little Mika that we adopted in Jacksonville Florida, got attacked by two Labs on Wednesday Oct. 7th, 2009. I will miss her SO very much! She was my little sweetie.
It was just me - her - and Nick in Florida. And she was like a child. I have lost pets before. But this one is different! We had a closeness, from having so much alone time together. It just absolutly sucks and it's just no fair. I hate it!
I MISS YOU MIKKKKAAAA. Oh, I can still hear her meows. And what kills me the most is everytime I open the door, she used to jump on the door meowing. And everytime I would drive up at home, she would be right there running out of the bushes to meet me. And of course we never know when we are going to loose someone/thing, so of course I have regrets of not spending as much quality time with her as I should have. SLOW DOWN and enjoy what really matters in life!!
The night before it happened - I got home, and she jumped up on the hood of the 4-Runner. I petted her under her neck, and let Austin touch her.
Love you Mika!