Friday, May 14, 2010


So about 8 weeks ago, I found a breeder - the Lambs! They breed Maine Coons - and live pretty close by in Centre Alabama. So I decided to follow her site updates. I wanted a Red kitty. But when I saw her three litters of kittens that were available, the only reds where males...and taken. So I settled for a little white rat. Of course she has grown in only 8 weeks to this beautiful kitten! We were able to go and get her at 8 weeks old. So last Friday on May 7th, me and Nick wrode up to Centre Al, and got her! The Lambs are an awesome couple to work with, and breed beautiful cats! She is the most playful thing ever. And even though it makes me miss my Mika (rip 10/7/09) :( I am excited to get to know Bella just as well.