Wednesday, December 16, 2009


So he is one day away from being 11 months! His first birthday is FAST approaching!! So the following are the "new" things he has done!!

1. Stands on his own.

2. Has 8 teeth.

3. Says "Uh Uh Uh Uh" (Oh-Oh) :)

4. "Mama" "Dada" "Paw-paw - (only twice)"

5. Still going to bed at 8:30 and sleeping through the night!!!!

Such a sweet little boy! :)


So - I've been wanting a nicer - more professional camera, since I take so many pics of the kids! My sweetie bought me a Nikon D3000 on Saturday! I LOVE IT. I can go take classes to learn how to use all of the different settings, but so far with my limited knowledge - I can already tell that this is an awesome camera!!! (esp. for up close shots - like I love to take!!) THANKS NICK - YOUR THE BEST!!!! :):)

My beatiful girl that is getting so big!!!

Austin Chowing down on a cupcake! He wont have
a problem at his first birthday!! haha


Mountains for Thanksgiving

We went to Tennesse for Thanksgiving this year! It really was a great trip. Nick has never been, and growing up, it seems like we went every year. It was so much fun for me to see him have such a great time, and be able to see him and the kids do things that I used to do when I was growing up. We stayed at my great Aunts house in Sevierville. The first night we got there we went and ate at TGIF in Pegeon Forge. The next day - I was a bit under the weather. But we went to a few flea markets, watched the Iron Bowl, and went to the Comedy Barn. The next day we went to the Dixie Stampede show. And me and Nick got called down to participate in the show. It was so much fun! Then we headed over to Dollywood. And stayed there the rest of the day!! We headed over to Cherokee on Sunday. And then down through Georgia, and stopped and ate lunch at the Dillard house. It took us over 10 hours to get home!!! So needless to say, we will NEVER travel again on a major holiday!!! But we had a blast!! Enjoy the pics below!!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Crab Happy

So, in September (27-29) Nick and I went to Panama City on a much needed ALONE vacation!
We stayed at a condo right on the beach! It was AWESOME! So, I got a little too crab happy. We were like kids. We went to Walmart and bought a flashlight. And went out that night looking for crabs. Nick tried SO hard to get me to grab one. But with him screaming like he was from them pinching him - there was NO WAY I was going to try it!! haha.

We pass this plane everytime we go down. So we decided to stop and take a look. Nick was interested in it!

It was SO BEAUTIFUL down there!!! We really did have a great time.

Can someone please tell me why i'm SO white? haha

My Beautiful Peacock & Monkey Boy

So as Usual this year, we went to our Church's Fall Festival. Rhegan had tons of fun! She rode the ferris wheel, swing, slide, got her face painted, and ate a hotdog and some good old cottan candy! We were not able to make it to the Pumpkin Patch like usual. Between bouts of COLD weather, runny noses, and fever. I decided it would be best to not go. We went to Nanny Dot's church on Halloween and did some trunk-or-treating. Rhegan and Austin got LOTS of candy!! :) We then left and went to Publix to trick-or-treat. And then we took Rhegan by a SCARY house to trick-or-treat at.

Such sweetness!! :) His first pumpkin encounter!
My two angels!

She wanted a Lion this year!!
What a great Halloween!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Poor Mika...

My sweet little Mika that we adopted in Jacksonville Florida, got attacked by two Labs on Wednesday Oct. 7th, 2009. I will miss her SO very much! She was my little sweetie.
It was just me - her - and Nick in Florida. And she was like a child. I have lost pets before. But this one is different! We had a closeness, from having so much alone time together. It just absolutly sucks and it's just no fair. I hate it!
I MISS YOU MIKKKKAAAA. Oh, I can still hear her meows. And what kills me the most is everytime I open the door, she used to jump on the door meowing. And everytime I would drive up at home, she would be right there running out of the bushes to meet me. And of course we never know when we are going to loose someone/thing, so of course I have regrets of not spending as much quality time with her as I should have. SLOW DOWN and enjoy what really matters in life!!
The night before it happened - I got home, and she jumped up on the hood of the 4-Runner. I petted her under her neck, and let Austin touch her.
Love you Mika!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

BIG boy

So my Austin-Poo is exactly one week away from being 8 months old! And I can't believe it. He
cut his first tooth (looking at him it's his top right tooth) on last Friday the 4th! And he is working on his other. So he has been running a low grade fever and has been VERY grumpy. But as you can see from the pictures, he is crawling everywhere - pulling up. And has even started standing up. And he has already bumped his head 3 times on the hardwood floors.

We went to Nanny's park about two weeks ago, and he LOVED the swings. This was his first time. Daddy got him on the tractor - and he thought that was the best thing ever!!!

He is a sweetie!!!!
Love you Austin!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I wanna be a Pirate!!

So last night we were sitting on the couch. And Rhegan jumped up next to me and said "Mommy, guess what I want to be when I grow up??!!" And so I said "what do you want to be?" She said "I want to be a pirate! I'm gunna get one of those long things for my hand, and one of those things for my head, AND one of those things for my eye" I said oh ok, is that REALLY what you want to be when you grow up? And she said yes! It was so cute! So I remembered that last Halloween, she had put this on at the Bolen's house. So I thought it would be cute to put on here. I was looking through an old SD card for my camera last night. And I found a video of her. She has gotten SO BIG in a year. It's just insane how much she has grown. I guess with me being pregnant and having the baby ~ her year of being 2 just flew by! And now that she is already 3, i'm trying to slow down and make sure I cherish EVERY bit of it! B/c in 2 years she will be in school, then she will be a big girl! :(
Love you Rhegan!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

My little girl is 3 now....

So Rhegan's 3rd Birthday was almost two weeks ago! We had her a "Luau" party at home. She had a BLAST. And we served Teryaki chicken sandwiches, and hot dogs for the kids. She had a giant water slide. On Sunday (her actual birthday) we took her to eat Mexican, and they completley suprised her and sang to her. HAHA It was priceless!!! Enjoy the pics!!!

My birthday Princess (she started running a fever, so you can tell in this pic she wasn't feeling so hot) Oh, and excuse the bra in the background.

We even had snow cones!! :) And here is J-Bug , he was the griller - and did an AWESOME job!