Monday, June 22, 2009

One hand down...

Oh so sweet he is!! I think that Austin is the best baby ever!! He is ALMOST always
so happy. Just a few pics taken recently. :)

After Bath time. The only time you will see his hair slicked down. After it dries - poof - it's out of control!!

Now to the interesting part. Nick had a little accident on 6/10/09. He picked a toilet up that had fallen off of a cart. It basically crumbled in his hands..and well below is the aftermath.
I had JUST talked to him (which goes to show how fast something can happen). His friend Phil called to tell me he was in emergency surgery. I freaked out. Because nothing like this has ever happened (trauma) to me/us. I was thankful that my co-worker Loye drove me to the hospital. We waited for 6+ LONG hours until he was finally out of surgery. He basically severed ALL tenndons, blood vessels, nerves - and thankfully they were all able to be put back together. (Dr.Engles & Dr. Lindsay) He stayed in STICU the first night. And in a regular room the second. He was then released. And was back to be readmitted on Saturday night with a 104 fever. After tons of tests and Antibiotics, he was sent home again. It has been a long 2 weeks. And it will be a long road ahead to a full recovery. He has no feeling in his hand/fingers. So we will just keep working and praying that he continues on an upward path to healing. Being out of work for a minimum of 4-6 months will be hard for Nick. And hard for me. I've realized with him not being able to do much at all ~ how much he helped out around the house. Just keep us in your prayers!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


So I had Tori Lassiter take pictures of the kids this weekend at Grace
Episcopal Church on Pike Rd. I haven't seen all of them yet (all 500 + of them).
But this is a little sneak peak. Rhegan did so good. She is used to photo shoots
now I think :) (Sorry Rhegan) The ones below that I have seen I LOVE!!
I am a sucker for "unposed" outdoor photos. They catch the true beauty
of a child in their natural state. We spent almost two hours taking pictures.
My little Rocker Boy ;) So sweet!

This is the first dress that I've ever made! :)


This is probably me FAVORITE of Rhegan that I have seen!!

I can't get over how much Rhegan is changing. She will be 3 in 2 months.
I've noticed her face changing over the past few months. And she is loosing her
"baby" look. :( I wish I could keep her a innocent baby forever!!