Thursday, November 18, 2010

Is it already Christmas time??!!

I can't believe it is almost Christmas time AGAIN! Time really does fly! I can't believe that Rhegan is 4, and Austin is already almost 2. This will be Rhegan's 5th Christmas! And Austin's 2nd Christmas. Each year, I love to send out cards with pictures of the kids. This year Shutterfly is haveing an awesome deal! If you blog about it, you get 50 FREE cards! So below are my three favorite cards!!!

I think that this is a PERFECT time for anyone to go here and get in on this AWESOME DEAL!

Don't you LOVE when you get cards in the mail that have pictures on them? I do! It's my favorite. Not only do I feel special that someone thought of me. But I feel like it's totally worth it to do a card myself, to give other people the same feeling! I hope that everyone has a great holiday season! And remember what Christmas is really about!

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